Mortgage Refinance Loans

Hotel Refinancing

If your hotel mortgage loan is maturing or if you feel your interest rate is too high, then it is time to refinance. Additionally, many owners refinance their hotel(s) after several years of paying down debt to harvest their equity (and get their “cash out”) by increasing the loan-to-value ratio (amount of leverage) of the refinancing loan, so they can purchase or develop more hotels. We can assist you with this by providing either permanent or short-term bridge financing, based on the circumstances. Many different loan products are available for this purpose, such as Government Guaranteed, Conventional, CMBS, Life Insurance Company, C-PACE, Mezzanine, Preferred Equity, and Bridge. We can assist you to decide which loan product is best for you to employ to achieve your objectives, and then we will arrange that type of financing for you.

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